Comet Over Hollywood: Past Radio Guest Thankful For Fans


During my time earlier this year doing the Losh-Man’s Hollywood Classics radio show on, I was privileged to have among my many great guests, Jessica Pickens who does the ongoing classic movie blog Comet Over Hollywood .

I really enjoyed doing the interview with her and both at that time and in the months since, I have been part of her e-mail list and follow her on WordPress as well. She normally kicks off each week with Musical Monday, in which she reviews classic movie musicals and just seems to get better each week. Recently I received notification that she is now doing a fan recognition. See her posting at .

I thought I would share with you some of my favorites out of her many postings, that feature some of my all-time favorite actors/actresses. Let’s begin with . I have loved the classic Batman series since my childhood and now my eighteen year old daughter Cara Losh is also a fan and especially loves Batgirl. This is also why my love of the newer Batman movies stops after Batman And Robin, as the movies that followed just seemed to become more dark, brooding and violent and lost the many humorous moments of the Batman, Batman Returns, Batman Forever and Batman And Robin. I tried contacting both Adam West and Burt Ward during my radio show tenure about being guests but never heard from either. But, such is life. I also thoroughly enjoyed the feature film that was made based on classic Batman that featured the main villains from the show.

Next up is This film has many of my favorite elements. It’s somewhat of a Western. It stars Judy Garland. It has Judy singing. It has Judy singing….on a train! Since The Wizard Of Oz, Judy has always been one of my all-time favorites that I have written about in a newsletter, in blogs, and done radio shows about. Plus, since I come from a lot of railroad stock, these last few years I have been a huge rail-fan and collector as you will see in my blog at . So, you add Judy and her wonderful singing talent to that, and I’m all-in!

Next in my my lineup of Comet Over Hollywood favorites is yet another Judy Garland feature, this time in a tv special based on the film Meet Me In St Louis that you will find on the following link:
In this case, you have Judy, Margaret O’ Brien that was in another of my favorite fliks The Canteville Ghost, and it’s set in St Louis. Well, I’m a Missouri resident, with family on both my wife’s side and mine living in or near St Louis, and have visited it several times. And, it has elements of Fall and Christmas that we are into right now, and of course, that famous Judy number “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” that she sings to young Margaret and is currently playing on radio stations all over that have started paying Christmas music.

It may not be baseball season now, but let me tell you, here is a posting that “knocks it out of the park” with any classic movie and baseball fan rolled into one, like yours truly. And hey, my Kansas City Royals were all the rage this year, so you know I’m lovin’ it. I love sports movies but especially the classics, like 1962’s Safe At Home that featured the real Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris, not to mention Lucy’s neighbor Fred in William Frawley that you can check out by visiting . Pride Of The Yankees with Gary Cooper from 1942 . Take Me Out To The Ballgame with Gene Kelly, Ester Williams and The Chairman Of The Board, Frank Sinatra . 1951’s Angels In The Outfield . The Stratton Story starring my absolute favorite classic actor Jimmy Stewart and one of his primary leading ladies, June Allyson in 1949 just to name a few.

Well, it’s late and I have morning plans (a toy and train show), and work tomorrow, so we’ll call it a night here, but I really want you to check out Jessica Pickens‘ site and I”l be back in the weeks to come with lots more of my favorites from her extensive list of classic movie fandom!

I’m John Losh, thanks for visiting Losh-Man’s Hollywood Classics!



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